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After three years of dealing with the anxiety and disruption that has been the Roosevelt Way Improvement Project we can thankfully report that traffic is finally flowing again. 

to celebrate

this October we will show our gratitude
 - that the project is over and for the patience our customers have shown-

with weekly specials and other fun events.

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Seeds for your fall plantings.

Irish Eyes have arrived.
Seeds for your fall plantings.
Is your soil ready for a change in season?

•need supplements?
•Have you weatherized your coop and run? 
•Your Bees?

•cedar chips

Weck Jars

Books on Canning

(originally from Urban Farmer)
Although September marks the beginning of fall, there are still a few fast growing vegetables that can be planted this month and be harvested before the first frost in most gardening zones. Remember to keep your soil warm by removing all mulch and maybe try using a plastic sheet to trap heat into the soil. 

Try these vegetables below and you can still take advantage of your garden this fall.

Fall is the perfect time to plant blueberry plants. Planting in the fall will allow for good root growth and early growth this coming spring.
Suggested variety: Blueberry Bluecrop

If you live in a warmer climate and can find a quick growing Broccoli variety you can harvest well into November.
Suggested variety: Calabrese

Flower Bulbs
September is a great time to plant those fall flower bulbs. There are many varieties that can be planted this fall and start blooming early spring. Flower Bulbs

Garlic is a vegetable that can be planted in the fall for a larger and earlier harvest this coming spring.
Suggested variety: Italian Garlic

Sow lettuce late summer for a fall crop. Grow fast maturing varieties.
Suggested Varieties: Buttercrunch

A quick and easy vegetable to grow. Plant now and you can have them ready in 30 days.
Suggested variety: Cherry Belle

Spinach is more of a cool weather vegetable and is great to grow in September.
Suggested variety: Bloomsdale Olympia Hybrid Samish


Day Old Chicks Updated October 6

Hatched 10/5/16

Barred Rock
Buff Orpington
Cuckoo Maran
Easter Egger

**Straight Run indicates that the birds have not been sexed.

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