open easter sunday....
 Quack. Peep. So Sweet.

Spring is here and at the Grange that can mean only one thing.....baby birds! If you think you are ready to bring home chicks we are here to help throughout the process. We have lots of breeds arriving weekly--check our poultry page for the latest updates. 

****If you come in planning on leaving the Grange with your new additions then we ask that you allow for the extra time it will take for one of our team to get you squared away. We find an average of 15-20 mins works well. Because of our many closing duties, we are only able to start chick sales up to 30 minutes before closing: by 5;30 pm weekdays and Saturdays, and by 3:30 pm on Sundays. Thanks for your support! 

Already have chickens? Poultry not your thing?

Are you chomping at the bit to get out into your garden?  Peeps may be the cute factor at the Grange these days but we are a complete urban farm supply store! Check it out.....

Seattle's farming and homesteading* supply location. Farming has gone urban! 
We specialize in feeds for livestock but you can count on us for all of your farming supplies; feed*, bulk grains, straw, waterers, wood chips, compost and hay, too.  And then some.....

  • Distilling - Canning - Apothecary
  • Outfitting
  • Pantry
  • The Pharmacy (animal health)
  • Gifts
  • Home & Garden

*homesteading: a lifestyle of living sustainably.
   thank you wikipedia et al

Located at:
4110 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

contact us:
phone 206-434-1445
email pbg@portagebaygrange.com

De Young's Farm & Feed closed their doors at the end of December!
We are so very thankful for the wonderful partnership we have enjoyed and wish everyone there the best.  Please note: We will continue to carry a feed based on the De Young Formula--it will be called "Excel".  
AND if you were accustomed to getting your straw bales from De Youngs---we hope you will let us be your new supplier.


If parking is an issue than please call us! We offer EXPRESS pick up.


Thank you for your patience, help and understanding.  We are, after all, an urban farm supply store!

We offer bulk discounts!
Are you part of an urban farming community? Do you buy for a school, a community garden, a local buying club? Maybe you like to buy lots of supplies at once?

  • Livestock Feed -       5+ bags @ 10% off
  •                                 10+ bags @ 15% off
  • Grains -                   50lb bags @ 20% off
  • Soil Amendments -  50lb bags @ 20% off
  • Greenbed™ Growing bed systems - At cost to Community Gardens and Schools.
*Please call or email the store for details and to confirm we have what you need in stock!

*To the best of our knowledge and with the information available, the feed that we provide, presuming it is utilized correctly, should fulfill all of the nutritional requirements of urban farm animals. We continue to stay apprised of advances in feed technology and methodology. While we work hard to source the best feed available, we cannot guarantee any particular brand or product. Please note: feeding your animals incorrectly can result in under-nourishment and possibly other complications.

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