PORTAGE BAY GRANGE - About Us - Seattle, WA

but it's not all about us...
It's about sustainability and making it possible for everyone and anyone to have food independence, the things we need to get it done; our local producers, our community and everything we do to support each other and the vision.  From great product to CSA, informative classes to community outreach----we are the general store with the sustainable heart!!

After growing our own backyard flock of hens in our Seattle backyard and making regular trips to the area's far-flung feed stores, sometimes three in one outing, we decided to turn our growing passion for Seattle farming into a business.

In 2007 we started selling chicken feed from the back of our moving truck while transforming a growing chicken coop consulting project into our vision of an old-fashioned feed and mercantile in the heart of Seattle. In our garage!

It is PBG's mission to provide supplies, services and support for Seattle farmers.  

A long-time Seattle resident, originally from Colorado, and the farm country of Nebraska, Kevin Scott-Vandenberge has vivid memories of visiting the local feed store with his uncles during his many summers spent working on the family farm.  And his grandpa ran the local hardware store in Westpoint, Nebraska.  His nostalgia for the brick and mortar charm of the past and his genuine belief that there is strength and empowerment in being in charge of your land and your work, made creating a business that focuses on the principals of homesteading and self-sustainability the perfect endeavor.  Scott-Vandenberge is often described as the classic gentleman farmer.  His practical exposure to "traditional" farming and genuine interest in exciting new sustainable "systems"  make him both a great resource and an inspiration. These qualities, combined with a calm, patient demeanor and rock-solid work ethic have impacted an ever-growing customer base.  An entrepreneur at heart, Scott-Vandenberge has owned and operated his own businesses before, but Portage Bay Grange is a lifelong dream come true.

Born and raised in Seattle, Kirsten Scott-Vandenberge learned about "urban" farming at a very young age.  Her best friend had chickens, rabbits AND a sheep named Cassie!  She was a city girl but her grandparents lived in Ellensburg, Eastern Washington.  So regular trips to rodeo country, paired with countless hours in the neighbor's barn made for a colorful exposure to farming.  However, her graduate school background in Human Development may be the most important influence on this Scott-Vandenberge's passion for urban homesteading.  In creating the "many layers (no pun intended) that combine to make a working urban farm, backyard agriculturists are designing practical, beautiful opportunities to engage people of all ages in the circle of life".  Self-support, thoughtful food production, nutritional independence, a re-discovered relationship to the earth, environmental awareness, practical education...all of these things empower everyone, especially children. Watching in dismay the ever-growing health crisis that is the result of thirty plus years of catastrophic food practices, Scott-Vandenberge believes in the value of a homegrown egg.

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