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Nucs • April 4
3 lb package bees  • April 21

This season we are excited to be partnering up with Bob Redmond of Urban Bee Company, which

"founded in 2009, cultivates healthy environments for bees and humans. Our single-origin, raw honey comes from hives in community farms, backyard gardens and urban wild spaces. With bicycle delivery, youth education, and a focus on sustainability, we are working to build "community through the hive" in the greater Seattle area."

Bob's philosophy is one we are on board with!

so here's the buzz

3 lb package bees  

Package bees (3 lbs) from California, with caged, mated queen. Choose Italian or Carniolan queen.

Package bees are gentle and easy to install, and for the beginner can be the slowest, and therefore easiest, way to start beekeeping. Get familiar with a colony with low risk of swarming and minimal complications for the first year.

Pre-treated for mites and nosema, these packages are sourced from the largest and oldest bee supplier in California. We have used these packages ourselves in the past, in order to ensure top quality.

5-frame Nuc 
(nucleus colony) 

Italian-Carniolan hybrid

Five wooden frames, size deep, of bees and stores (four frames of bees and brood, one frame of honey) in a cardboard box. These bees started in the almond orchards in California, then will move to the fruit orchards in eastern Washington. They are a hybrid Carniolan/Italian breed that does well in the Pacific Northwest. Each nuc is assembled in Eastern Washington from the parent colonies and includes a field-bred caged queen.

pick up at The Grange
Nucs • April 4
3 lb package bees  • April 21

so what do you need?
if you've been wanting to take a class on beekeeping, we have you covered.

honey bees
Dates coming soon
next door @ Portage Bay Cafe
w/ evan sudgen

Part two in our series--Potentials & Problems:

      • what you can do with bees
      • managing problems
      • options for renting bees 
      • installing your bees - first steps
      • seasonal management
      • solutions for success

Nucs typically arrive in a cardboard box that includes 5 established frames. You will need to provide a home which typically means a bee box, five additional frames, an "entrance" and a "migratory top" and a few tools, as well. The 3 lb packages typically arrive in "cages" with a separately caged queen (nourishment included).  These packages do not come with the first five established frames. 
Maybe you've been doing this for awhile, maybe this is your bee-autiful beginning.  Either way, the Grange has you covered.  We carry all the supplies you need.  If you are prepping for an April Bee arrival, we recommend coming in to the Grange now.  That way we can make sure you have everything you need in time for April.

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