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new chicks every week 


Barred Rocks
Rhode Island Reds
Buff Orpingtons
Bantam Mille Fleurs (st run)**
Bantam Silkies (st run)**

**Straight Run indicates that the birds have not been sexed.
**Straight Run indicates that the birds have not been sexed.

Prices vary by breed. Day old chicks start at $6.95 for standard breeds with more specialty/rarer breeds starting at higher prices.  Prices increase every week as the day-olds develop at the store. 

visit our poultry tracker for more info!

gold barbanters
 Quack. Peep. So Sweet.
please read
(Blue Cochin, Gold Hamberg, Indian Runner Duck)

If you think you are ready to bring home chicks we are here to help throughout the process. We have lots of breeds arriving weekly--check below for the latest updates. 

****If you come in planning on leaving the Grange with your new additions then we ask that you allow for the extra time it will take for one of our team to get you squared away. We find an average of 15-20 mins works well. Because of our many closing duties, we stop chick sales 30 minutes before closing: 5:30 pm weekdays and Saturdays, and 3:30 pm on Sundays. Thanks for your support!

All of our chicks arrive vaccinated and tested free of Avian Flu.
It's Here!


For the first time ever, you can now access our poultry inventory from your computer or mobile device.

  • Search for breeds
  • Find out what's in stock
  • See how many chicks we have

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***please use the PBG BIRD TRACKER for the most updated information.  The list below is updated weekly but the TRACKER gets updated real-time!!

Left: Silver Laced Wyandotte chick
Bottom: Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen

Looking for something special? An exotic species, a type of poultry you don't see in our inventory? Let us know! We would love to help!

Unless otherwise noted, all chicks will be sexed (see below) and vaccinated for Mareck's Disease.

Ducks and Ducklings

PBG Poultry Return Policy   
 Please read carefully     
-We are not able to receive any poultry back onto Grange property after purchase. This is per WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture)
-All chicks are guaranteed for the first 48 hours after purchase.  If a chick dies within the first 48 hours, we will replace the chick at no additional cost.  Proof of purchase is required.      
-All pullet and duck sales are final.       
-Please call our store directly for information/resources on how to deal with male birds.
 ••••Many important factors are involved in this policy. Please respect it and understand that our employees are required to uphold these rules.   Many thanks!    
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