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PBG Layer Mash

  • Non GMO
  • Corn & Soy Free
  • All ingredients are locally sourced
  • Zero Fish Meal
  • Vitamin & Mineral Pack by Fertrells™

This feed is simply the best for Grangers wanting that hands on mash-style feeding experience.  Best used with water or  fermentation, our PBG Mash is for the poultry keeper who wants the most complete feed profile with all natural, locally sourced components and the option to incorporate the research-supported benefits of fermentation into protein absorption.  

Come in to the Grange today to talk with our team about our Mash and all of our feed products. 

Baxter Barn Quality feed goes beyond the average bag of feed including but not limited to:
•The feeds are fortified for optimum vitamin
•Contains enzymes to help better digest the feed
•Contains a MOS product to help improve gut function and improved the immune response.
•Contains a Toxin Binder to combat the effects of Myco-toxins that can be present in feed ingredients 
•Contains a source of Chelated Trace Minerals to help improve absorption of those nutrients
•Contains a source of Selenium in the form of “Selenium Yeast” which is more readily utilized by the animal.
Now carrying! 

Certified Organic Feed

We take livestock feed seriously and we are delighted to be adding this mill to the PBG feed line-up.

• Organic Corn & Soy-Free Layer Pellets • Organic Layer Crumble • Organic Rabbit Pellets •
(and we expect to grow our MM feed selection to include,
for example, goat feed, too!) 

In addition to our own fabulous blend of poultry feed: pellet, crumble & now mash, we carry the following brands:

Modesto Milling
CHS / Payback
Oxbow (rabbit feed)

We do also stock or can order multiple choices of feed for your other urban livestock including Dog and Cat food, pigeon feed, game bird feed, pig and goat feeds, COB, wild bird seed, rabbit and guinea pig feeds. Is there a feed we don't carry, but you need? Give us a call!

In addition to the well balanced diet (like the one your birds get from Baxter Barn Quality Feed) 
•It is recommended to use treats, scratch, or other food sources in moderation. 
•If you choose to add scratch, PBG Custom Scratch is a finer diverse scratch consisting of oyster shells for Calcium; flaxseed and peas for protein; along with 7 other variations of grains that gives a diverse diet added to the Baxter Barn Quality Feed.  We also add grit to help work with the chicken’s muscles to break the feed down for maximum absorption.
•A great idea is to add mealworms to PBG Custom Scratch. It should still be considered a treat.

To maintain a well-balanced diet it’s recommended to not exceed over 6% on any single supplement with the feed!

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