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What's in store?

Delicious food, tools, basics and more.

Arborwear ClothesLodge Cast Iron
Start your collection and start using the cleanest type of cooking and baking material out there. 

Oh Honey! 
We love honey. And we love honey sourced locally.  Pictured here, Shipwreck Honey; Made in Washington.  

Muck BootsIf it's tasty AND made locally - we love it in our Pantry.

 Country Living Grain Mills
These are wonders - the best of the best.  Works of art. And we have a special selection of great grains for humans!

Steel Toe Studio Belt Buckles

Tea, tea, tea
We are growing our local tea collection.  You can sample some from our Tea Tray and tell us what you love.

We admit to being a little crazy about glassware. For your hand-squeezed OJ and even your garden grown sun teas!

Pantry Staples
From Parchment paper to snack bags; wooden ladles to whole grains. Think of our pantry as a humble beginning! 

Bitters, Beautiful
Still discovering the many uses for these widely touted little bottles of flavor.  Kevin cures my hiccups every time with a little mixture of Aromatic Biters and water.  

We are so festive about it.  Featured on the island, Parker's Pickles and some gorgeous, substantial Polish fermenting crocks. 

The right gear can make tough jobs so much easier

Arborwear Clothes
Arborwear Clothes designed by arborists, for people who spend time outside. Extra room where it is comfortable, extra padding where you need it. Colors that don't show the dirt immediatly!

Filson A Seattle original, Filson clothing is made to stand the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation. It will keep the rain off, the wind out and you warm while the days tasks get done. And we carry the Filson bags, too! 

Muck BootsMuck Boots Sturdy boots, incredibly warm, water proof. What more could you need?

Steel Toe Studios Custom Belts
Steel Toe Studio Belt BucklesIn addition to some of their most popular buckle designs, including their recycled bike gear designs, the fabulous artists at STS have made the Portage Bay Grange some really special buckles.

We happen to think our t-shirts are the best! Many wonderful, creative, locally made to choose from. 
For the kiddos, too.


Apiary enthusiasts will find our collection pretty sweet!

Homesteaders, crafters, canners.......
Various goods to help accomplish many an urban homesteading goal

Weck Canning Jars

Weck Canning Jars. Dress your harvest bounty in these timeless , glass beauties and the gifts you give from your garden will truly shine.

Le Parfait Canning Jars.
Traditional Frrech canning jars, with reusable rubber gaskets and glass bail tops. Perfect for canning or just storing bulk items.

Weck Canning JarsLocally made
Delicious soaps, scrubs and salts. We also have everything you need to make your own soap, lotion, lipbalm...

Weck Canning JarsCasks
Toasted wood.  Store your favorite liquor in tasty style!

Berkey Water Filtration Systems
The most gorgeous water filtering you will ever see.  

Adding fab new books all the time!


And of course....... 

....and biscuits and pickles and candy and more
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