PORTAGE BAY GRANGE - Want to work at PBG? - Seattle, WA

We have jobs!

PBG is a family owned and operated business.

If you believe in food independence and the value of urban agriculture in the effort to get there; if you find yourself feeling nostalgic for different times, as well as excited by innovation....  If you are a student of animal husbandry; amateurs and enthusiasts welcome...(there are animals involved). If you don't shy from heavy lifting..  (this is important because there is actual heavy liftting.)... maybe you are as quirkily, vigorously motivated as we are.

Come by for an application and drop off your resume. Please.

quote from actual PBG employee and original family representative:

"When you are working at the Grange you've got the whole store on your shoulders...represent!"---lpg

Call the store directly with questions. 206-434-1445

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