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On the farm..
No matter the size and scale of your project, we have what you need!  From soil additives to tools; easy to install beds, seasonal plant starts, and a complete vertical aeroponic garden ideal for urban food growing.  Stop by PBG for all of your gardening needs. 

TOWER GARDEN® by Juice Plus +®
Put a Vertical Farm on your back porch or balcony.  Easier than traditional gardening to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home in sunny small urban spaces (decks, patios, rooftops, etc).  Can also be adapted for use inside or year round growing outside.  Easily pays for itself over time.  Complete, state-of-the-art, simple, and eco-friendly aeroponic garden. 

We are also stocked on soil amendments for any autumn amending that needs doing. 

We still have columnar apple trees and 6 way espalier apple trees. 

Start from the ground up. We know it might seem obvious, but DIRT MATTERS! Do your self and your plants a huge favor and take soil health seriously.  Think of the soil you use in your gardens as alive---IT IS! Dirt is alive just like you.  What do you need to get your soil in top shape for a fabulous growing season?

  • kelp meal 1-1.5-2; Fantastic general fertilizer with micronutrients, vitamins and minerals for soil & plant health.
  • blood meal 13-0-0; Supplies Nitrogen for lush foliar growth. Also can be used to balance C:N ratios of compost piles!
  • fish bone meal 5-15-0; Excellent source of phosphorous for abundant flowers and deep roots.
  • soybean meal 8-0-1;  Source of Nitrogen for prolific foliar growth.
  • cottonseed meal 5-2-1; Good general fertilizer for strong and healthy plants. It is semi acidic so not recommended in areas where lime is applied. 
  • Alfalfa meal 2.8-0.3-2.4; Provides Nitrogen for foliar growth and potassium for plant cell strength.
  • rock phosphate; slow releasing phosphorous source for flower and root development.
  • ground limestone; raises the pH of soil
  • dolomite lime / agricultural lime; raises pH of soil and provides a source of calcium and magnesium.
  • hydrated lime; quickly and effectively raises the pH of soil.
  • Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust; provides a large array of essential micro-nutrients not often found in other fertilizers
  • pelletized gypsum; breaks up clay soils. Provides calcium and sulfur. Minimally impacts soil pH
  • Diatomaceous Earth; fossilized shells of diatoms (algae like). Abrasive quality cuts waxy body of insects causing desiccation. 
  • brewers yeast; can act as a compost accelerant

We carry a great selection of high quality tools and products to help you get the job done. 

Diggit Tools are locally made here in Seattle. Durable grips and handy measuring guides on the blade make planting with the Diggit even easier than with traditional trowels. The duck head tool makes weeding a snap!

Greenbed Garden BedGreenBed Garden Beds Non toxic, composite material, designed to last a lifetime. Easily stained to fit the look of any home and available in a 4'x4' or 4'x8' size with either one or two foot tall sides, they will fit into your life perfectly. 

Cloches allow sunlight through but keep chilly temperatures out. They are mini greenhouses really. Helpful for protecting delicate plants or giving seeds a jump start. 

GreenJean Garden JeansGreenJeans are heavy duty chaps with built in knee pads. They make kneeling on any surface comfortable! The hang from the waist design prevents loss of circulation while remaining snugly in place. These chaps are built to last and will make even the most riggerous tasks more comfortable. 

Meadow Creature Broad Forks If you are looking to break up hard soil or turn over your existing garden bed this is the tool for you! It pierces through soil like an eagles talons! 

Plus so much more... composting worms, gardening books, wire for simple compost bins, UrBin Grow bins, worm bins, ready to use fertilizers, worm tea concentrate. 

We do also carry bagged potting soil, compost, chicken and steer manures, cedar chips, straw and more! 

We are carrying Baker Creek and Irish Eyes Seeds. In addition, we have plant starts from a variety of local, organic growers. Check out all our cool varieties! 

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