PORTAGE BAY GRANGE - **Duck-a-Ponics! - Seattle, WA
Did you see us at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show?

People were definitely talking!
What is Duck-a-Ponics, you say?

Check it out!
one of the coolest urban farming inventions ever!

As seen in Sunset Magazine's Blog

"A system of growing plants utilizing
the water that ducks swim in. Duck-a-
ponic systems can vary; both in
size and design. The main premise,
however, is the same; ducks have a
home and a place to swim that provides
nutrients to grow plants."-pbg

The PBG Duck-a-Ponic design is compact
and beautiful, making excellent use of space; which is often limited in urban
settings. It is also aesthetically pleasing
and works wonderfully in a backyard setting;
adding both function and interest to the landscape. Your ducks spend their time in the run, on the decks and in the pond. Our system filters duck pond water through a settling tank, to overhead planter boxes that filter water and subirrigate plants. Planter boxes are integrated into the roof structure, separated from the duck habitat. This is where you will grow your edible plants! The entire system is designed to minimize water use and maximize convenience. The muck from the settling tank, the filter boxes, and on the pond bottom can be put in bins or fed to worms to make garden compost!

We have the plans! Call us to learn more.

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