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cooped up....

Maybe you've seen the fetching chicken coops in front of our store?  Here at Portage Bay Grange we are fortunate to have a great relationship with Berg Danielson, the craftsman and mastermind behind the wonderful inventions of Seattle "Saltbox" Chicken Coops. Let us put you in contact with him today! If you need a backyard coop, Seattle "Saltbox" Chicken Coops is a great place to start.

We have examples of coops here at the store--and many other designs can be viewed on Berg's website.  We have found that when investing in a coop that is intended to be a significant part of your landscape and budget, it often works well to consult with Berg from the get go.  He can help assess your individual concerns and needs. 

Customers often ask why we don't have ready-made coops at the Grange.  Great question. Many chicken coops that you see in garden centers or for sale on craigslist are inexpensive imports mass produced off-shore using materials lower on the quality scale.  If you only need a coop for a season or two; maybe you have plans to build your own more permanent housing, then these types of coops may be a great choice. 

We have been working for years on designing and sourcing a locally made, higher quality product that both meets our standards and fills the need for a better drive-off-the-lot option.  

Looking to spruce up the coop? Maybe add a new run or fix that stubborn door? We can do on-site custom coop modifications! Whether it be big or small, we are happy to help you out.


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