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At Mezza Luna Farms, we want you to get to know us. We're here to answer any questions you may have. Farmer Fels can advise on most things from seeds to harvesting as well as give you a tour of the farm. If you know where your food comes from and who is growing it, you're going to feel better about what you're eating!At Mezza Luna Farms we grow everything ourselves. We use organic, non GMO seed sources and organic fertilizers and compost. We are dedicated to sustainable growing methods and do not use pesticides or herbicides. 

--mezza luna farms

plant starts from 
Rent's Due Ranch, stanwood
Farmer/owner Mike Shriver and his wife JoanE started wth less than an acre back in 1980 which has grown to a 50-plus-acre spread. Mike and JoanE start their crops from seed in nine greenhouses because that produces the most viable, healthy plants and they know exactly what they are planting. The farm is certified organic, all the way.

duck eggs from orange star farms, monroe

Our ducks spend their nights in a duck house with plenty of fresh air, nesting space and water. Come dawn, we herd them out to pasture and secure them with electric poultry netting - to keep four legged predators at bay. There they spend the day being ducks and doing all of the things that ducks love to do.  Playing in the water, foraging for food, taking naps in the shade.

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pastured raised eggs from skylight farms, snohomish
 situated on the banks of the beautiful Snohomish River

Our food is grown with a commitment to preserving our natural environment and enhancing our community.

There is nothing quite as empowering and humbling as growing your own food.  We hope to inspire more people to eat with the seasons and support our local food economy.

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mason bees from crown bees, woodinville

Grow More Food
One hive-less bee like the mason bee has the pollination ability of 100 honey bees. They are better able to distribute the pollen flower to flower than honey bees because of the way they carry dry pollen on their body. Honey bees dampen the pollen with their saliva so it sticks to its hind legs and can be carried back efficiently to the hive, feeding thousands of bees. Hole-nesting bees, on the other hand, don't have a hive to worry about and they lay around 20 eggs in their lifetime.

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