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 You know your chickens, we know their feed.

We have spent years sourcing feed for our Grange family of customers. And we are always listening and responding to feedback. 

So many of us raise our own chickens, in part, because we appreciate  knowing where our eggs and food come from.  It seems natural to also want to know what we are feeding our birds.

That's where we come in. We follow our passion for local, sustainable, healthy offerings and a commitment to great farmers and producers when sourcing feed. 

Most recently we started stocking feeds from The Red Bridge Farm.  I encourage you to visit their website for an up-close view of their process and results. 

When we make our feed, our mission is to empower you with a resource to help you raise beautiful, healthy layers that produce exceptional quality eggs and high-caliber meat from Broilers and Turkeys.

We begin by sourcing all of our ingredients close to home, with many of them coming directly from farms here in Stevens County. We then add all our ingredients into our grinder/mixer, meticulously preparing each batch of feed for your animals.

 Why Probiotics?

Beneficial bacteria added to the diet aid digestion and nutrient absorption resulting in faster growth and better overall health. Direct fed micobials also replenish the beneficial bacteria flora, those "good bacteria" which directly compete with destructive or harmful pathogens such as Coccidia, E. coli and Salmonella spp. Excess beneficial bacteria are excreted in the manure where they help correct the balance of bacteria in the litter. -Feeding Pasture-Raised Poultry by Jeff Mattock

Conway Feed
mills our PBG formulas
uses less "millrun" filler so feed is denser/softer
we love working with them! 
CHS - rabbit, waterfowl
Oxbow (rabbit feed)

We do also stock or can order multiple choices of feed for your other urban livestock including Dog and Cat food, pigeon feed, game bird feed, pig and goat feeds, COB, wild bird seed, rabbit and guinea pig feeds. Is there a feed we don't carry, but you need? Give us a call!

In addition to the well balanced diet
•It is recommended to use treats, scratch, or other food sources in moderation. 
•If you choose to add scratch, PBG Custom Scratch is a finer diverse scratch consisting of oyster shells for Calcium; flaxseed and peas for protein; along with 7 other variations of grains that gives a diverse diet added to the Baxter Barn Quality Feed.  We also add grit to help work with the chicken’s muscles to break the feed down for maximum absorption.
•A great idea is to add mealworms to PBG Custom Scratch. It should still be considered a treat.

To maintain a well-balanced diet it’s recommended to not exceed over 6% on any single supplement with the feed!
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